StairChair: A Unique Stair Lifts for effortless climb


Stair Chair is a leading supplier of Stair Case Chair Lifts Elevators to bring Freedom of Mobility to those having difficulty climbing stair.

STAIRCHAIR® is a mobility solution which makes the staircase accessible effortlessly. If climbing up and down the staircase is your challenge …STAIRCHAIR® is our safe and comfortable solution.

STAIRCHAIR® is a motorised chair which does the climbing for you. STAIRCHAIR®  is available in two variants. The Straight Climb for a straight staircase and the Curved Climb for an uninterrupted climb on a curved staircase with bends and curves.

STAIRCHAIR® can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Eliminate the risk of fall from the staircase and access any floor be it day or night. Don’t let advanced age, chronic ailments and physical challenges hamper your mobility any more. Add mobility back in your life with STAIRCHAIR®.

Experience Safety, Care and Comfort on the Climb. Experience STAIRCHAIR®  Read more

StairChair Highlights

 Stylish Stair Lift

An ultra-modern, Robust,
Stylish Stair Lift

Ergonomically designed

Ergonomically designed for
a comfortable ride


Customised to suit
your staircase


Experience Safety, Care
and Comfort On the climb

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StairChair Blog

Stair Lift cost depends upon a number of factors: first, the category the stair lift belongs to i.e. Straight or Curved, second the number of floors, third the length of

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Experience Wellness. Experience STAIRCHAIR, Stair lifts in Mumbai We are living in the age of multi-tasking. Our mind is preoccupied with many thoughts and the ‘to-do’ list never ends. From