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Stair Chair is a leading supplier of Stair Case Chair Lifts Elevators to bring Freedom of Mobility to those having difficulty climbing stair.

STAIRCHAIR® is a motorized chair which does the climbing for you. STAIRCHAIR® is available in two variants. The Straight Climb for a straight staircase and the Curved Climb for an uninterrupted climb on a curved staircase with bends and curves. STAIRCHAIR® can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Experience Safety, Care and Comfort on the Climb. Experience STAIRCHAIR®

The Stair Lift Design

The design is compact and user friendly. A geared rack is fitted along the length of the staircase.

The ergonomically designed chair is mounted on the rack and travels on it. The ride is smooth and safe.

StairChair can be operated independently by the user without any assistance. StairChair is packed with safety features.

User can operate the chair with controls provided on the arm rest.

No worries in case of power failure, StairChair is battery operated with a good back-up time.

Remote controls are also provided.

The Stair Lift Advantage

StairChair can be used for Straight as well as Curved staircases.

The freedom and safety offered by StairChair, makes it desirable in Duplex Homes, Bungalows, Community Centres, Restaurants, Malls, Private Buildings.

The list where StairChair can be installed is endless.

The StairChair comes in two variants i.e. Outdoor Stair Lift and Indoor Stair Lift

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Dattatray Pethe

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