Outdoor Straight Climb

Outdoor Straight Climb

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Quick Overview

The Outdoor Straight Climb variant by STAIRCHAIR is the ideal choice of stairlift for straight staircases without any turns or bends. As the name suggests, this stairlift is designed for outdoor applications where the staircase is exposed to dust and water.

The track is robust yet compact, leaving most of the staircase absolutely free. The chair is designed to take a load of 130 Kgs.

Power outage – No Problem!!! STAIRCHAIR is powered by a battery which is automatically charged at the top and the bottom of the track by a charger. Mobilize safely with STAIRCHAIR be it day or night.

The Outdoor Straight Climb stairlift is popularly installed in gardens, porches, verandas, farm houses, resorts, beach houses, places of worship, hotels, tourist places etc. where the staircase is straight and outdoors. STAIRCHAIR adds mobility in life and makes difficult staircases easily accessible as and when you please. In addition to the design features, the chair comes with a durable waterproof cover to protect from water and dust.

The Outdoor Straight Climb by STAIRCHAIR is the most inexpensive way to access the staircase with safety, care and comfort.


Outdoor Straight Climb – Awesome Features

  • Ease to use
  • Advanced Swivel seat makes entry and exit and top landing easy and safe.
  • Fast hassle-free installation.
  • Foldable Seat, Arms & Foot rest to save space
  • Ergonomically designed seat and back rest
  • Safety Key to lock chair and prevent misuse
  • Travel control on arm of chair
  • Diagnostic digital display provided
  • Remote controls provided to access stairlift from any floor
  • Safety limit switches provided to detect obstructions on staircase
  • Safety seat belt available