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Stair Lifts Faq’s

Stair Lifts Faq’s


Why choose STAIRCHAIR® / stair lift?

STAIRCHAIR® is the ideal mobility solution for any home, building, bungalow, commercial space, clinic, hospital or any other location where a regular lift or elevator cannot be installed. Installation of STAIRCHAIR® neither involve any modification to the staircase nor does it require any civil changes. STAIRCHAIR® does not require the sidewall or banister. Installation is done on the steps.

How much does a stair lift cost?

Stair Lift cost depends upon a number of factors: first, the category the stair lift belongs to i.e. Straight or Curved, second the number of floors, third the length of the staircase, fourth the number of bends, turns and curves in the travel path, fifth the application, i.e. indoors or outdoors all weather and sixth the profile of the staircase. However, at STAIRCHAIR® we believe that the highest cost paid by the client is the cost of break down, poor quality, inefficient service and negligence. Our constant effort is to keep such costs minimal.

Is stair lift only applicable to senior citizens?

STAIRCHAIR® makes a staircase accessible not only to senior citizens, but also to disabled, citizens with chronic ailments of the heart and knees. No matter what the medical condition is, STAIRCHAIR® makes it possible to access the staircase effortlessly for one and all.

Can a stair lift be installed outside the house and if so, will it be protected?

STAIRCHAIR® can be installed outdoors. The outdoor stair lift has all the features of the indoor stair lift, but it is designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use. The geared rack does not rust due to exposure to water or moisture. All metallic components are plated before powder coating. Plastic components are heat and UV resistant. A cover is provided to protect the chair during rains.

Do we need to have a power supply or will it run on battery?

Power outage no problem. STAIRCHAIR® is battery operated. A charger is provided to keep the battery charged at all times. The charger is connected to the domestic power supply of 230 V AC 50 Hz.

Will you provide service/ assistance even if I don't have a service contract?

STAIRCHAIR® provides free service and warranty against any manufacturing defect for 1 year from installation. After 1 year, the stair lift is maintained under an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

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