Indoor Straight climb

Indoor Straight Climb

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Quick Overview

The Indoor Straight Climb variant by STAIRCHAIR is the ideal choice of stairlift for straight staircases without any turns or bends. As the name suggests, this stairlift is designed for indoor applications where the staircase is not exposed to dust and water.

The track is robust yet compact, leaving most of the staircase absolutely free. The chair is designed to take a load of 130 Kgs.

Power outage – No Problem!!! STAIRCHAIR is powered by a battery which is automatically charged at the top and the bottom of the track by a charger. Mobilize safely with STAIRCHAIR be it day or night.

The Indoor Straight Climb stairlift is popularly installed in bungalows, duplexes, community centers, restaurants, commercial stores, showrooms, factories, party halls, medical clinics etc. where the staircase is straight and indoors. STAIRCHAIR adds mobility in life and makes difficult staircases easily accessible as and when you please.

The Indoor Straight Climb by STAIRCHAIR is the most inexpensive way to access the staircase with safety, care and comfort.


Awesome Benefits

  • The chair travels on a robust yet compact travel track fitted on the steps.
  • Side wall or bannister is not required for support.
  • Installation of the track is on the steps without any modification to staircase.
  • The chair is ergonomically designed for a comfortable ride.
  • 130 Kg and 160 Kg variants are available.
  • After use, the seat, arm rest and foot rest can be easily folded up.
  • Key is provided to lock the chair and prevent misuse.
  • Power outage no problem. Stair chair is powered by a battery.
  • Advanced swivel seat makes entry and exit at top landing easy.
  • Travel control switch is provided on the arm of the chair
  • Seat belt secures the user in the chair.
  • Sensors detect obstacles on the staircase.
  • Stair chair is provided with a diagnostic display function.
  • Remote Controls are provided for easy access on any floor.
  • Optional charging and parking point is provided on the mid landing.

Technical Specification

Motor power 0.25 KW
Motor Output speedNo greater than 0.15 m/s
Method of Drive Rack and pinion
Motor Output Torque108 Nm
Power supply 24V DC (battery)
Maximum Capacity 127kgs
Track Extruded Aluminium
Mains supplyUK 240V, 50Hz charger
EC220V, 50Hz charger
 Dimensionsmm inch
A.Floor to top of footrest853.5
B.Top of footrest to top of seat45518
C.Top of seat to top of arms25010
D.Top of arms to top of seat back25010
E.Width between armrests (wide arm version)445(495)17.5(19.5)
F.Overall width62024.5
G.Overall height97538.5
H.Length of arms from seat back47018.5
I.Length of seat base from seat back42516.75
J.Length of footrest32512.75
K.Width of footrest31012.25
L.Front of footrest to stringer54621.5
M.Back of seat to stringer130.5
N.Folded width28011