Benefits of Installing STAIRCHAIR®

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Benefits of Installing STAIRCHAIR®

Benefits of Installing StairChair, Stair Lifts in Mumbai.

STAIRCHAIR®  gives a new lease of life to a person who cannot climb up or down stairs. With age and or a physical challenge, just 1 floor or as few as 9 steps can permanently hamper mobility. With STAIRCHAIR one can go up and down the staircase numerous times in a day.

Safety on the climb is a cause of concern for most people. Injuries and fractures are a threat and deterrent to use the staircase. STAIRCHAIR is a Safe solution on the climb. The person is secure in the chair which travels up and down on the track installed on the staircase. Our mobility solution is packed with safety features like limit switches to detect obstacles in the travel path and seat belt to safely secure the user in the seat. Eliminate the risk of injury on the climb with STAIRCHAIR.

Our mobility solution is designed and manufactured to suit your staircase be it straight or curved. STAIRCHAIR comes in two variants namely the Straight Climb for a straight staircase and the Curved Climb for an uninterrupted climb along the curves and bends of your staircase. The track is installed on the steps, so there is no requirement of a side wall or bannister for support. No matter how old the structure is, STAIRCHAIR can be easily installed without any modification to the steps or any civil changes.

Move independently with pride. STAIRCHAIR is easy to operate. The travel control switch is installed on the arm of the chair. Two remote controls are also provided to access the chair from any floor of your home. Mobility without any dependence or support is the biggest asset of owning STAIRCHAIR.

Invite family members and friends who find it difficult to climb up stairs. If any of your loved ones are back home after a critical illness or hospitalization, they need not worry about the climb. STAIRCHAIR is the perfectly safe and comfortable mobility solution for your home, society or any commercial establishment like stores, clinics, restaurants, community halls etc. STAIRCHAIR adds value to your life.

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Very good product.I wish i had known about this when my mom was here in Lonavla.

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