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Stair Lift cost depends upon a number of factors: first, the category the stair lift belongs to i.e. Straight or Curved, second the number of floors, third the length of the staircase, fourth the number of bends, turns and curves in the travel path, fifth the application, i.e. indoors or outdoors all weather and sixth the profile of the staircase.

The cost of any product can be measured in terms of the raw material, man power, transportation, marketing, admin and other direct and indirect costs. However, at STAIRCHAIR® we believe that the highest cost paid by the client is the cost of break down, poor quality, inefficient service and negligence. Our constant effort is to keep such costs minimal. STAIRCHAIR® strives to offer benefits like prompt feasibility analysis. We offer the best options in terms of application and pricing based on the feasibility report. STAIRCHAIR® is the only brand of stair lifts to offer an exhaustive offer document with written commitments of price, delivery, service and warranty. We go beyond our commitments to make sure the installed stair lift serves its purpose. Our team is available on the helpline number to solve any queries before and after installation. We always try to give more to our clients that what is promised. We make sure that their experience of using STAIRCHAIR® is memorable.

After understanding Stair Lift cost and benefits, STAIRCHAIR® aims at providing maximum benefits to our clients while keeping the costs as low as possible. Thus STAIRCHAIR® clients always get maximum value. We call this the SCC Value: Value of safety, care and comfort on the climb.

Add value to your stair lift by installing STAIRCHAIR®. Experience safety, care and comfort on the climb. Experience maximum benefits at low cost. Look no further than STAIRCHAIR®

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