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Stair Chair | Stair Lift | Mumbai

Indian survey has highlighted the fact that people of age group 45-50 years will find difficulty in walking itself. Post that age group, knee issues are very common. Climbing the stairs will be one of the greatest hurdles for the people of age group around 60. Depending on others for climbing stairs every time is pretty embarrassing because “No one can walk those miles for u”. Keeping this in mind Stair Chair Lift was introduced. Every Stair Chair Lift is custom built to the needs of the user and their home. Our primary aim is to provide best quality Stair Chair Lifts at affordable price without compromise in the quality and to simplify your lifestyle. We would like to eliminate the barrier of stairs by providing safe and easy access to another floor.
We are majorly focusing on removing the dependency for the people having issue related to mobility- caused due to joint pains, old age and other chronic diseases that makes climbing staircases a challenge even for accident prone and differently abled people. In order to increase the mobility,services provided are not only restricted to limited places we are extending our mobility solutions to various areas as mentioned below.


Ø Duplex homes

Ø Housing societies

Ø Restaurants

Ø Diagnostic centers

Ø Polyclinics

Ø Bungalows

Ø Community centers

Ø Clubs

Ø Hospitals

Ø Retail showrooms

Ø Places of worship

Ø Business houses

Ø Malls

They can be installed on stairs with a curve, an intermediate landing, or when out-of-the-way parking is desired. Seats are ergonomically designed for curved areas as well. Stair Chair Lifts are easy to operate with controls on the armrest along with remote controls. The rails are custom bent according to the exact specifications, based upon photo measuring and computer-aided design software. Quality and comfort are second to none. Complying with all current safety standards, it has a wealth of improved features that are enhanced with safety belt sensor and foldable foot rest which will increase the comfort and durability for safety of the product. Arm interlocks prevent accidental use when alighting to and from the seat and the seat belt has been moved higher for increased comfort when locking and unlocking. Due to the advancement in research and technology our expert team will provide you an unmatched smooth, quiet ride from start to finish. Stair Chair Lifts normally have “soft” starts so the user will not be jerked as the carriage starts to move. Typical travel speed for domestic straight rail stair lifts carriages range between 0.07 meters per second to 0.15 meters per second. The speed of curved rail stair lift carriages may vary on the journey if the controls cause them to slow on inclines and bends.

As a matter of mobility solution, Stair Chair Lifts are designed for outdoor as well. Outdoor Stair Chair Lift is designed with fully weather-proofed Stair lift. It includes magnificent features like padded seat, waterproof cover, backrest, lockable swivel seat, directional paddle switches which are easy to use even by those with limited dexterity. When coming to installation part we avoid reconstruction work, so that any mess in installation is reduced. It requires negligible repairs and maintenance. Stair Chair Lift can usually be installed within few days of being ordered as it has a rail which is simply cut to length from a stock part. Stair chairs are mixture of stylish design, high-quality functionality and ease-of-use operation. With a narrow vertical rail design. Stair Chair Lift will still leave plenty of open space on the steps for family members.

Use of Stair Chair Lift will reduce the dependency on other person and increase the confidence with less space consumption and at affordable prices. We offer worry-free access and a premium design that seamlessly blends into required environment.

Stair Lift Solutions | Stair Chair

Stair Lift Solutions are one of those solutions that will create a difference to the lives of many who experience mobility issues. According to a survey, 70%  of  Indians will have knee-related issues by the age of 55. The experience of climbing stairs will be like climbing Mount Everest when there is a physical disability. Majority of the time it would require other’s support for climbing which will be difficult to get all the time.

Is climbing up and down a flight of stairs a great problem for you as well? We at STAIRCHAIR® , provide you Stair Lift Solutions which are comfortable and safe; our motto is to make people independent and confident without modifying the architecture of your building. For aged and differently abled people, Stair lifts will be a boon. We provide mobility solutions for accessing staircase without any effort.

STAIRCHAIR®  is a motorized chair, also widely known as Stair Lift, which is used to transport people in a sitting position up or down a staircase. Accessing any  floor at all times without the risk of falling from stairs will be possible.

Installation of a Stair Lift is possible for both indoor as well as- outdoor spaces -. It consumes less space and its elegant design gives it a feeling of being just another piece of furniture in your home. The brackets, footrest and arms of the chair can be folded. Seating style  makes the entry and exit landing very easy. The equipment/ chair has been carefully designed for a safe and comfortable ride. A travel control switch is provided on the arm of the chair. Users of the chair will be assured of safety by using seat belt. Misuse of the chair is be avoided as there is a feature of  a safety key. Access to different floors is made easy by the use of a remote control. The Chair is customizable according to the requirement of staircase whether  curved or straight stairs. The cost of the Stair Lifts will depend on various factors like the number of floors involved, length to the staircase, category of the lift.

Stair Lift Solution allows the changes in the building without demolishing or modifying the actual construction. Staircase will be provided with the additional feature of railings for the movement of the chair. Now-a-days reconstruction or altering a building  consumes a huge amount of money and will burden the owner since it takes lot of time as well. Installation of chairlifts is very easy and avoids the burden of reconstruction work . Maintenance of the chairlift is easy as well. Cleaning it is also  very easy and the consumption of the space is minimum-. It is a  user friendly product which not only decreases dependency but also increases the confidence of  aged  and differently abled people.

Stair Lift Cost | Stair Chair | Mumbai

Stair Lift Cost depends upon a number of factors: first, the category the stair lift belongs to i.e. Straight or Curved, second the number of floors, third the length of the staircase, fourth the number of bends, turns and curves in the travel path, fifth the application, i.e. indoors or outdoors all weather and sixth the profile of the staircase.

The cost of any product can be measured in terms of the raw material, man power, transportation, marketing, admin and other direct and indirect costs. However, at STAIRCHAIR® we believe that the highest cost paid by the client is the cost of break down, poor quality, inefficient service and negligence. Our constant effort is to keep such costs minimal. STAIRCHAIR® strives to offer benefits like prompt feasibility analysis. We offer the best options in terms of application and pricing based on the feasibility report. STAIRCHAIR® is the only brand of stair lifts to offer an exhaustive offer document with written commitments of price, delivery, service and warranty. We go beyond our commitments to make sure the installed stair lift serves its purpose. Our team is available on the helpline number to solve any queries before and after installation. We always try to give more to our clients that what is promised. We make sure that their experience of using STAIRCHAIR® is memorable.

After understanding Stair Lift Cost and benefits, STAIRCHAIR® aims at providing maximum benefits to our clients while keeping the costs as low as possible. Thus STAIRCHAIR® clients always get maximum value. We call this the SCC Value: Value of safety, care and comfort on the climb.

Add value to your stair lift by installing STAIRCHAIR®. Experience safety, care and comfort on the climb. Experience maximum benefits at low cost. Look no further than STAIRCHAIR®

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