Experience Wellness. Experience STAIR CHAIR

Experience Wellness. Experience STAIR CHAIR

Experience Wellness. Experience STAIR CHAIR

Experience Wellness. Experience STAIR CHAIR, Stair lifts in Mumbai

We are living in the age of multi-tasking. Our mind is preoccupied with many thoughts and the ‘to-do’ list never ends. From dawn to dusk, the only endeavor of the entire house hold is to complete various tasks on time. Kids rushing to school on time, parents are in a hurry to complete daily chores and head to work, grandparents struggle to keep pace with their daily routine set over decades. Needless to say, the clutter of tasks and urgency of execution, does compromise the attention to detail and focus on nitty gritty. In this complex state of mind, one might overlook an important factor, a small step, which can affect physical and emotional wellness adversely.

My maternal grandmother’s home is a beautiful two-storey bungalow in Pune. Back in the 90’s my aunt taught Math at the prestigious DRDO, raised 2 kids, looked after my grandparents and supported my uncle who runs a successful chartered accountancy firm. She was and still is a super woman! One morning, while she was pacing up and down the staircase, eager to complete chores and head to work, she missed a step. The missed step cost her multiple fractures, days in hospital, post-operative care at home, mental agony and a big fat medical bill. The wellness of a perfectly healthy, young and dynamic woman was suddenly jeopardized. Years later in 2017 when the first STAIR CHAIR was installed in a bungalow at Bangalore, she patted my back and smiled. I instantly knew that she momentarily relived her days of pain and agony, and wished STAIR CHAIR  was installed then.

To all those super kids, super men and women, no matter how old you are or how fit you are, wellness of health is your biggest wealth. Just like my aunt, hundreds of perfectly fit kids, adults and older individuals suffer from injuries due to fall from the staircase on a daily basis. These injuries affect the physical and emotional wellness of a person, which on some occasions, unfortunately, could be irreversible.

Experience STAIR CHAIR . STAIR CHAIR  offers safety, care and comfort on the climb. Experience wellness forever. You will never miss a step.

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